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Glass Recycler Bongs are technical pieces that have smoke reclaim constantly cycled through two chambers, as opposed to one chamber.  Recyclers, also known as recycler rigs, prevent smoke from going stale and give it a very flavorful hit. In a well-made recycler, the constant motion often times creates a turbine effect in the second chamber. Some people buy recyclers for the visual effects alone! Nonetheless,  the smoke's constant contact with water cleans the smoke for a cleaner less harsh hit.

Recycler Bong Design

Glass Recyclers often incorporate some type of percolator to help displace bubbles and further cool the smoke. Smoke goes through the downstem and into the percolator where it then enters the first chamber and then is constantly cycled through the second chamber. 

Recycler Bong Cons / Pros

Just like bubblers or percolators, the two other common bong types, recycler bongs can be used for both concentrates and normal smoking. One must be sure to use a banger( for concentrates) or a bowl for everything else. The correct adapter can be sourced here for a tighter fit. Be sure to check out all our bongs

Recyclers typically cost more. However, Recyclers can offer the cleanest most rewarding rip money can buy. Recyclers come in many unique and crazy designs and tend to offer smoother and cooler hits. Plus it's just fun to watch the water cycle over and over in such a small piece of glass!

Recycler Bong Types

External Recycler - an outside drain tube creates a constant flow of motion This is the most common type of bong recycler. The constant motion of the smoke gives it more time to cool down.

Incycler - The internal Recycler consists of any piece that uses internal piping to cycle the water and smoke

Klein Recycler - an external tube takes the water from chamber to chamber

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Get a Big/Large Recycler Bong?

Yes, the deluxe recycler is the biggest recycler bong we sell. Big recycler bongs can hold more smoke, and typically have more intricate designs.

Can You Get Cheap Recycler Bongs

Yes, you can get cheap recycler bongs, but you will probably be looking at smallar sized glass bong. Our small girly recycler bong and pink girly recyeler are both priced at $60 bucks.

Can You get a Recycler Bong from Amazon?

Yes, it might be possible to buy a recycler bong from amazon if you do a search for "recycler bong" in the Amazon search screen. We recomend you check our "How to find Bongs on Amazon" Guide.

Do You Sell Mini Recycler Bongs?

Yes, we sell mini recycler bongs. The smallest recycler bong we currently have available is our "Pink cute Girly Recycler Bong" which is featured above.

Can You Get a Honeycomb Recycler Bong?

Yes, our deluxe recycler comes with two honeycomb chambers. Constant motion helps cycle water through two honeycomb chambers to help get that smoke super filtered.

Do You Sell External Recycler Bongs?

Yes, purhaps the most popular external recycler bong we sell is our vortex klein recycler bong. All the tubing runs externally from the bottom chamber to the top.

What is the Best Recycler Bong?

This is not a straight forward answer but the best high end recycler would be our Deluxe Glass Recycler and Triple Cyclone Recycler. The best midrange would be our Vortex Klein Recycler Bong. The best for portability would be our Small Girly Recycler bong or our Pink Cute Girly Recycler Bong.

Recycler Bong Water Level

As your pouring the water try inhaling to cycle the water through each chamber. Your biggest percolators should be covered, depending on the type of bong you have. The lowest chamber should be 3/4 full of water. If you start getting splash back , then you deffinately added too much water. Use what ever feels comfortable.

How To Use a Recycler Bong

First you'll need to pack your bowl or heat your concentrate ( if using a nail or banger). Pull through the mouthpiece and let thee water cycle, and light the bowl as your pulling. The longer you let the water cycle, the bigger smoke cloudes you get. Once your ready to inhale, remove the bowl and try not to cough too much!

Recycler Dab Rigs - Can You Dab?

Yes, all recyclers on this page can be used for dabs (concentrates). Note, that you might need to get a banger or nail from our accessories shop in addition the the bong above if you want to convert it to a dab rig. The only difference between a dab rig and a bong has to do with the type of bowl your using and not necessarily the shape of the glass.