Recycler Bongs

Glass Recycler bongs offer unique and crazy designs and tend to offer smoother and cooler hits. Just like bubblers or percolators (the two other common bong types) Recycler bongs can be used for both concentrates or Herbs. One must be sure to use a banger( for concentrates) or a bowl (for herbs). The correct adapter can be sourced here for a tighter fit. Be sure to check out all our bongs.

Recycler Bong Design

Smoke is constantly cycled through the bong which prevents smoke from going stale. The constant motion creates a dramatic water visualization, and the contact with water - cools the smoke for a cleaner less harsh hit.

Other Recycler Bong Benefits

Glass Recyclers often produce more flavorful hits and are often combined with percolators to displace bubbles and further cool the smoke.

Recycler Bong Cons / Pros

Recyclers are typically bulky and may cost more. However, the Recyclers can offer the cleanest most rewarding rip money can buy. 

Recycler Bong Types

External Recycler - an outside drain tube creates a constant flow of motion This is the most common type of bong recycler

Incycler - The internal Recycler consists of any piece that uses internal piping to cycle the water and smoke

Klein Recycler - an external tube takes the water from chamber to chamber

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