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You probably made the decision to go from a pipe to a percolator (also known as a “perc”) because you crave that silky smooth percolator smoke! Sure you can pay 100’s of dollars for a super large bong, or you can also use a percolator bong!

Continue reading to learn how percolator bongs work, how to clean a percolator bong, and also learn about the pros and cons of percolators.

Percolator BONG FAQ - How Do Percs Work and What to Buy

What is a Percolator Bong?

Percolators are designed to increase the surface area of water to smoke ratio. There are two ways to do it. Use a bigger bong or you can use a percolator to cram more filtration into a super small bong.

What is the Best Kind of Percolator for a Bong?

There are many types of percolators which can be read about here. Percolators can be quite elaborate with the more detailed ones having more bells and whistles, different structures, and  also different openings to filter the smoke. All percolators accomplish the same thing but some do it better. The best kind of percolator will depend on your preferences.

Even though you may have perc bongs containing one, two, or three percs, the original percolator was the downstem with a slit that provided basic percolation and is still used on many bongs today. Modern percolator designs such as the honeycomb perc, tree perc, and shower perc use holes in addition to slits to get more bubbles and diffusion into your bong. You can read about these percolator types here and all comes down to user preference.

How Does a Percolator Bong Work?

Percolator bongs work by using a porous material to filter fluid, the fluid being the bong water, and the porous material is the percolator and can contain one or more holes.

Smoke is forced into different paths by the percolator holes which create bubbles and maximizes the amount of surface area to distance the smoke makes with the water. This is important because water is a polar molecule that will attract other contaminants found in the smoke, while allowing the non polar smoke to pass through. The more tubing and water your bong has, the more opportunities your bong will have to use that mixing, or diffusion, to produce smoother cooler vapor by filtering out some of the combustion byproducts.

Pros and Cons of Percolator Bongs

Percolators are great but there are also pros and cons. Smoke quality tends to be improved and percolator bongs are nice; however, percolators may also lead to increased drag.

Smoke Quality is Improved

Percolators improve the quality of the bong smoke by providing cooling and filtration vs a dab rig, whose goal is to improve the flavor of the smoke. There is nothing good about harsh smoke and the percolators help get that quality smoke! Some even try adding ice catchers for that extra cooled smoke!

Percolator Bongs Are Nice

Percolator bongs may have multiple chambers and use very complex slit, hole, or tube structures that can be quite elaborate depending on the quality of the bong. The visual appearance of a percolator alone can make any bong look interesting. Check out different types of bongs here.

Percolators Increase Drag

The holes and slits of the percolator may increase the drag (increase the amount of force you need to pull the smoke). Some smokers prefer more drag so its best to experiment with the different types of percolators, if possible, to find the drag/filtration combination that works out best for you. Certain percolators will have bigger slits or holes which would improve the drag.

Percolators can be a drag (pun intended) but there is nothing good about harsh smoke, and we also love those good looking bongs ;) More the pro to get the a percolator bong if you want a good toke!

How to Clean a Percolator Bong

Isopropyl Alcohol works well for cleaning the bong as boiling hot water can sometimes damage the bong. It’s important to clean the bong to get the smoothest hits. Pour alcohol into your percolator bong mixed with salt and let it soak for two hours. After a long soak the resin will start to loosen and then you can remove all the grime. It's important to clean the bong regularly to keep it fresh and be sure to rinse out all the junk with cold water.

How to Fill a Percolator Bong with water?

The correct way to fill a Percolator Bong with water will depend on how many chambers your bong has. For single chambered bongs, fill the bong with water until the slits, holes, or tubes of the perc are barely submerged in water. If you experience any splash back, you might have added too much water, so try to empty out some of the water. If the smoke is coming in too harshly you might try adding a bit more water. It’s best to experiment with the percolator and try tweaking it until it is just right. Every bong is different. For bongs with multiple chambers, you will want to tilt and maneuver the bong around the bong until each of the chambers has enough water covering the percolator.

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Percolator Purchase FAQ

At RockyGreenKing Our Percolator Bong Selection Grows everyday but we know you might have some questions about the product and delivery methods. Here we try to answer your Percolator Purchase FAQ’s as best as possible.

Do your percolator Bongs Ship Discreetly?

Yes, we ship worldwide by USPS and UPS from our warehouse located in Tampa, Florida. For out of stock items expect 4-8 week delivery times while we stock back up.

Can I return my percolator bong?

Yes we offer returns 10 days after receiving the bong for new and unused items.

How much Do Percolator Bongs Cost?

Prices for percolator bongs can range from $50 to $200 USD on the premium end of the scale. Percolators may increase the overall price of the bong depending on their complexity and quality.

Do percolator bongs hurt your lungs?

Percolators tend to make the smoke alot more smoother but deep heavy rips can be harsh regardless, especially for novice lungs.

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