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Rocky Green King

Double Honeycomb Bongs

Double Honeycomb Bongs

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This is the double honeycomb bong. This bong is a bit slim, and shorter then a typical honeycomb bong. However, less glass is used, and the simplicity of the honeycomb percolator design makes this bong extremely affordable

Straight-tube bongs have less drag when inhaling, which you can see by the straightness of the glass.

In addition, this bong has a few more perks (pun intended) which turns a cheap double water-pipe into better bong. Double honeycomb percolators makes it easier to filter your smoke for smother hits, and you can attach it to either a bowl or a banger for concentrates (option at checkout).

Also, the bong comes with a splash guard which keeps water down, and also helps with cooling the smoke. Simply add ice cubes to the neck and smoke away to more delightful smoking sessions.

Double Honeycomb Bong Specifics

Diameter: 38mm

Thickness: 4mm

Height: 9in

Bowl: 14mm Bowl or quartz Banger

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