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Here you can find the cheapest bongs that still provide a good quality rip(although not as good as the good ones!). These cheap glass bongs for sale may be smaller - yet they are perfect for those on a budget! The smaller size bongs make it easier to transport and our silicone bongs are borderline impossible to break! Cheap water bongs have the tendency to run a little hotter in their smoke... but, as with any bong, adding ice water will help get a cooler more soothing smoke.  The quality of glass may be thinner which makes a cheap bong easier to break. These Bongs may be more inexpensive but the hit is as good as any for its price! For higher quality bongs. See more Bongs.

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How Do You Clean Affordable Bongs?

As a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I love inexpensive bongs. I’ve been using them for years and I love them. They're cheap, and they deliver a nice, clear hit.

But how do you clean them? I’ve been cleaning them for years and I’ve never found a good, easy way to do it.

I've tried a few different methods, but none of them worked.

The first method was to use a glass cleaner. This worked fine, but it’s not the best way to clean them. It’s not really designed to clean the inside of the bong. It’s designed to clean the outside of the bong.

The second method was to use a little bit of dish soap.
Although this method works, it's not the best.
To see how I did it, read our
bong cleaning guide.