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Rocky Green King

Cute Multi Color Bubblers - Rigs- For Girls Or Guys

Cute Multi Color Bubblers - Rigs- For Girls Or Guys

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 This cute multi-color bubbler bongs is absolutely adorable and comes in girly pink amber, blue, or green for the guys.

We currently sell  it in the bowl or dab rig configuration. That means if that you favor the concentrates - you can by the "dab rig" version by selecting the "banger" at check out.

Also this bubbler rig is tiny measuring 7in tall. Because of the bubbler's small size, this bong is super affordable, and travel sized - in other words: your not paying for all that extra glass!

If you want a bong that is petite and cute - we recommend this unique smaller sized bong today!

Height: 7in tall

Arrival in 1-4 Weeks
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