Bubbler Bongs

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What Is a Bubbler Bong?

Generally speaking Bubblers are of are simplistic design with a bowl, a chamber, and an opening tube for the smoke. Because of the simplistic design, bubblers are often very affordable and larger bubblers can be bought for the same price point as a comparable percolator or recycler Bong. Be sure to check out our specialty hammer bubblers.

How Bubblers Work

In a Typical Bubbler Bong, a bowl  feeds into the main chamber and you can occasionally have a percolator inside, which helps create extra bubbles.

Typically you fill the chamber with tap water until the water just covers the diffuser. You then load your herbs into the bowl which is attached to the diffuser - suck into the top until the water bubbler, and then take the bowl off the bubbler so that you can clear the smoke from the tube.

Note: The diffuser helps to break the smoke into more bubbles then if it was just a straight opened tube. 

Bubbler Design 

Bubblers can be tricked out with cool graphics, designs, and more advanced percolation; however, the basic design between all of them is the same. Bubblers tend to be small but that's what makes them super portable.


Bubbler Pipes

Bubbler Pipes are scaled-down versions of the bubbler bong. Bubbler Pipes aren't normally larger then a few inches but the portability of a bubbler pipe makes this very attractive for smokers on the move. 

Bubbler Cleaning

These Bubblers can be cleaned, like normal bongs, but the larger ones may be harder to clean. Bubblers normally come as solid pieces of glass, and the larger ones can be more difficult to manipulate. However, thankfully, there tend to be fewer parts on bubblers, and it gets easier to clean if you don't have so many nooks and crannies. 

Bubbler Price - What Type Of Bubbler Should you buy? 

If your looking for something more portable you should consider a smaller sized bubbler bong. These smaller Bubblers will cost between 20 and 100 dollars. These bongs are more affordable and easier to clean.

For those that like having bigger smoking sessions, or for those that want to splurge a little, we would recommend a larger sized bubbler bong which run in the 100 to 200 dollar price range. 




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