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If you want an RX prescription for a thousand cool bongs you have come to the right place here at RockyGreenKing. 

Our unique bongs are one of a kind. The ever-expanding collection of our unique bongs consists of percolators, recyclers, and bubblers. These Bongs come in nonstandard shapes and come at every price point

If you want to patch up your bong game browse our collection below.

Unique Bongs Your Prescription to the Perfect Glass Blown Glass

Unique Bongs Involve considerable skill to be blown correctly. The heat, temperature, and craftsmanship must all be perfect when creating your crazy piece. It takes time to learn glass blowing and we are here to present you with unique pieces that can be bought at a reasonable price. With great pieces of unique glass, you don't just glass, you get a unique piece of glass that you can smoke out of.

Where to Buy Unique Glass

Your local Headshop can be a good place to start, but there are plenty of pieces that can be bought online as well. Unique bongs can be found in art shops and galleries as well. The craziest we have seen was a piece of a poster that you can smoke from! With normal bongs, you get a functional tool, but with unique glass, you straight up bring your experience to the next level.

Types of Unique Glass Bongs

If you looking to dab or just want clean water pipes to roast your herbs we got the bongs for you. Unique glass takes skill to be required and we are pleased to say that a piece of unique glass can be smoked with herb or you can use your bong as a dab rig, as long as you have the right attachment. Remember this is not just a bong, this is a unique glass.

Do You Need an RX Prescription for Unique Glass

No, although we should say that these bongs are for tobacco use only. Law prevents us for advertising for other uses, but as long as you are using it for tobacco and are of age you are good. If you want the best glass smoking experience we recommend a unique piece that is out of this world. If you need an RX prescription we recommend that we talk to your doctor. Do not substitute us for medical advice.

Unique Bongs Vs other Methods of Consumption

Some People prefer to use patches instead of smoking from glass bongs. This is perfectly ok, but we must say that unusual pieces might add some flare to your routine. Tobacco patches are good when you are trying to quit, and we highly encourage that. Are strange pieces meant for the occasional user.

Types of Unique Bongs

Bongs Can be made in many shapes and figures! Imagination is just the limit... If you want a tall bong or if you want a short bong - there is probably a unique piece available with your name written all over it. If you want a Beaker Bong or something normal... why go with normal when you can be different?


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