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Rocky Green King

Cobra Bong

Cobra Bong

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This is the worlds most venomous bong (just kidding) but the cobra snake piece sure makes this bong look fierce!

The king cobra is endemic to southeast Asia, while our bong is also made in southeast Asia ;)  We recently placed this unique bong on the endangered species list: low buyer consumption, and low interest is threatening the continued existence of this cobra looking glass piece. So give your support today ;) 

Cobra Bong Specifics

Height: 12.5inches - An adult king cobra can grow to 13 feet long. This bong is a bit shorter at just over a foot, but still this Bong has good height which lets this bong hold more smoke.

Glass Thickness: 7mm - While most bongs have 5mm and under for glass thickness. This glass is 7mm making it much thicker then most.

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