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Rocky Green King

Juice Box Bong

Juice Box Bong

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Juice Box Bongs have been classically used as makeshift bongs to smoke your favorite herbs.

Homemade versions typically use a juice carton as the base, the straw as the downstem, and bowl fashioned from a pen and metal nut(to hold your herb)

Inspired by Stoners: you can now enjoy this traditional rig in permanent glass form

Our juice box bongs have the functionality of the traditional homemade bubbler, except this version: is made with borosilicate glass; made to last. Comes with a banger and nail so that you can get your dab on! A separate bowl will need to be purchased for smoking flower.


Banger nail Included!


Length: 19 cm / 7.5 inches

Joint Size: 14.4 mm

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