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Rocky Green King

Chakra Bong

Chakra Bong

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This spiritual bong is the Chakra bong. According to Hindu tradition Chakra energy fields flow within you. When you're smoking from this bong, you get a unique graphic of the chakras to remind of you something deep. This Bong is blue, amber and super cool. 

Chakra Bong Specifics

Height: At 9.5 inches, this bong is a little smaller, but still gets the job done!

Shape: This bong is of the straight-tube design. An elongated tube carries the smoke directly into your lungs.

Base Diameter: the bong has a base of 4 inches. A wide base keeps your Chakra's balance and also makes the bong harder to tip over.

Joint: 14 mm 

Thickness: 4 mm

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