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On this collection page, you can browse all of our straight tube bongs for sale.

Straight tube bongs have an elongated tube design with minimalistic design features, which makes them easier to inhale smoke from.

You won't find as many percolators, but that is to be expected from a bong that is easier to clear.

These straight tube bongs range in size from 8'' to bigger sized 18in straight tube bongs

Are Straight Tube Bongs Cheap?

Yes, straight tube bongs tend to have simple design features which makes them very easy to manufacture. You will normally see taller bongs made in the form of straight tubed cylindars, although keep in mind that straight tube bongs can be made in smaller dimensions as well.  

Also, straight tube bongs will typically come with a simple diffuser downstem but It is also possible to go all out with complicated percolators, ice catchers, and everything else that makes for a bong great, albiet slightly more expensive.

What Material Is a Straight Tube Bong Made From?

We carry straight tube bongs in glass and silicone. Straight tube silicone bongs are super durable and will not break. Glass, on the other hand, is the preferred straight tube material because you'll get more weight, it's easier to view your water level, and you'll also find more variety.

How Do I Clean My Straight Tube Bong

Luckily these bongs are super easy to clean because of their minimalist design. Normal bongs can be harder to clean when there is excessive glass piping, or if there are percolators to worry about. With these straight tubes, however, all you need is some salt and warm water - pour it into the bong and: shake shake shake! Until all the grime washes out.

Where Can I Buy A Straight Tube Bong?

You can buy a straight tube bong from your local headshop or from any number of popular online headshops such as rockygreenking here :).

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