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Rocky Green King

Iridescent Swirl Bong - Straight tube- 13.3in Tall | 14mm Bowl

Iridescent Swirl Bong - Straight tube- 13.3in Tall | 14mm Bowl

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This gorgeous iridescent swirl bong is great to look at and even better to smoke out of!

Stunning Look

This gorgeous straight tube water-pipe has an elongated neck (a classic feature of the straight tube bong shape), with swirls that cover the entire length of the cylindrical pipe. The light changes, depending on how you angle the piece towards your eyes.

Easy to Grip

The twisted spiral is easy to grip, which makes it a good piece for passing around.

Does Not Spill

A pedestal base stabilizes the bong so that when you place it down it becomes much harder to tip over. Who wants nasty bong water all over them anyway? Yuck! 

Clean and Pulls Easy

The best part is - The swirl bong is easy to clean and pulls very easily, so you can get that smoke out into your lungs quicker!


Swirl Bong Specifics:

Height: 13.3 in

Joint Size: 14mm Female ( This Comes With a Male 14mm Bowl)

Shape: Beaker

Material: Glass

Glass thickness: 5mm which is thicker then most bongs for more weight and has a more sturdy feel 


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