Collection: Iridescent Bongs

Iridescent bongs are part of our main bong collection and are fascinating to look at! Check out our amazing colorful bongs below, or continue reading to learn more!

How Iridescent Bongs Work

Iridescent bongs are typically made from electro-plated glass, and that is how they get that shiny look!  Hues can vary from purples, to yellows, to blues, depending on the lighting and the direction in which you view the bong.


Just Like a Chameleon - These Bongs Can Change Colors!

Iridescent Bongs For Sale

We have many gorgeous iridescent bongs for sale. You will love how our beaker and straight tube bongs shine from every angle. If you're looking to buy an iridescent bong, that can filter smoke as well, we would recommend our percolator bong.  If you want something that can handle more smoke, probably go for the beaker bong. However, If you want something that can hit nice and smooth, you can never go wrong with the iridescent swirl bong.  Happy smoking!


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