Trippy Iridescent Bongs

Iridescent bongs can be extremally trippy to look at with the fantastic hues that can range from purples, to blues, and yellows. Here we show you how trippy these bongs can really be! 

Trippy Swirl Straight Tube Bongs

iridescent straight tube bong

This impressive straight tube bong is easy to smoke and resembles a straight elongated tube. The colors are psychedelic, and you would be sure to enjoy a smoking session with such a colorful bong!

Trippy Iridescent Percolator Bong

iridescent percolator bong

This splendid trippy bong is incredibly dazzling to look at, and it comes with a percolator to help filter your smoke (so you don't have to get those harsh flavors)!

Trippy Iridescent Beaker Bongs

iridescent beaker bong

The iridescent beaker bong is luxurious and trippy. A spiral of hallucinating colors twist down the bong, which is incredibly pleasant to look at when smoking. You will enjoy the spiral!

Are You ready to buy an iridescent bong?

If you would like to buy a trancey, blissed-out bong (that is full of color) be sure to check out our full collection of Iridescent bongs. Our collection is sure to not disappoint!


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