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Rocky Green King

Iridescent Bong With Percolator - 12.2in Tall | 14mm Bowl

Iridescent Bong With Percolator - 12.2in Tall | 14mm Bowl

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It's Absolutely Stunning

This Iridescent bong looks absolutely spectacular and comes with a percolator. You will love how dazzling the colors of this bong look in the different angles of lighting.  You can see, blues, yellows, and purples and have a great smoking session every time.

It's Also a Straight Tube Bong

This Iridescent Bong has a straight tube narrow body and a pedestal at the base. This great design makes the bong easy to clean, and the simple design makes it very easy to hit your smoke well.

The Percolator

The percolator is sleek and integrated into the overall design of the bong. The percolator will help filter more smoke so that your smoke does not hit as harshly.

Ice Catchers are good

We can't forget to mention the built-in ice catcher that lets you fill the neck up with Ice. The ice cubes can help cool down the smoke because hot smoke is harsh smoke!



Percolator Bong Specifics:

Height: 12.2 in

Joint Size: 14mm Female ( This Comes With a Male 14mm Bowl)

Shape: Beaker

Material: Glass


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