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Rocky Green King

Modern Bong

Modern Bong

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This Modern Bong has a contemporary shape that gives a unique twist to the straight tube bong shape (literally).  The straight tube bong is known for its iconic verticle shape, which we upgraded with an up-to-date curve. 

The Colors: This modernistic bong is Iridescent, displaying a rainbow of colors depending on the lighting and angle you view the bong at.

The Smoke Quality: The bong smoke hits your lungs quickly, thanks to its straight tube design, and low percolation helps get more flavorful hits from your smoke. 

Joint Size: comes with a 14mm bowl. Go to our accessories shop, and add a 14mm banger or nail to use as a rig for concentrates.

Height: 12.5 in (makes the bong taller then entry level water pipes, but still relatively portable)

If you want to enjoy the taste of your smoke, with a modern feel and look, look no further than our modern bong. The cool, sleek, design is sure to turn heads and the weird shape is sure to help yours stand out from the crowd!


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