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These Tall bongs below can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes. Feel free to take a look at our different sized tall and large bongs and or click to learn more.

Collection: Tall Bongs | Large bongs

This collection features our tallest bongs. These bongs are generally 12in or greater and come with a higher price tag. These bongs are tall enough that if you're on your phone - you better keep scrolling up!

These bongs are designed for taking larger volumes of smoke and generally come with wider tubing. If you want to entertain or are just a heavy smoker these bongs work great for every occasion. Because of the bigger size, these bongs tend to have more bells and whistles or simply larger percolators. If you want a bong that is larger than life, you have come to the right place.

Maintenance Requirments for Larger Bongs

Tall or Large Bongs may take longer to clean as more resin may build up on the insides. If you got a compulsive drive to keep your Bong sparkly clean you might be better off with a medium or smaller bong, but hey! Don't say we didn't warn ya!

Costs Associated With Bigger Rigs

Tall and Larger sized bongs tend to cost more, as there is generally more glass and skill required to produce these larger pieces. Some pieces, without the bells and whistles, may be more affordable, but generally, you're going to be looking at a higher price point. You can narrow your search by looking at our $100 tall bongs or our $50 tall bongs which have fewer features but are super durable thanks to the silicone.

Flavor In Big Rigs

The flavor tends to get diluted down in these larger pieces. Smoke is not as concentrated and you may be missing out on those complex flavors you would get from a medium or smaller-sized bong. 

Smoking Volume

As you might guess these bongs can handle ALOT of smoke. While it might be harder to tuck these bad boys away, they make for good party pieces and tend to be a little bit smoother to smoke since there is more cooling time and usually more piping for the smoke to travel through. 

Final Thoughts

Given the price points and drawbacks, tall/larger-sized bongs are not for everyone.

But if your looking to get more volume from your smoke and want a genuinely interesting-looking piece... why not give it a shot :)



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Tall Bongs Vs Small Bongs - Who wins? It depends (**Cough** we vote for tall)

More Tall / Large Bong Information

How Many bongs are truely "giant bongs"?

Our biggest bong is 19 inches and has plenty of room to smoke from. While its true its not giant, the bong is indeed big!

What If I break my Huge Bong?

Unfortunately we do not have glass repair service for our huge bongs. However they are fairly affordable so might as well buy a few while your at it!

Are any of them 20 inch Bongs?

Yes our big green bong measures nearly 20 inches and is great to smoke out.. Get a bong any bigger then that and we would be going into the 2 foot range.

Where to buy tall water bongs?

Online is the best place to buy tall water bongs. The reason for this is that a tall water bong can be purchased from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to worry about having to travel to a store to buy one. With just a few clicks, you can have your tall water bong delivered to your door.

An online purchase of tall water bongs is a safe and convenient way to get one. However, you need to make sure that you buy the right tall water bong for your needs.

Do you sell 2 ft Bongs?

Our biggest bong falls shy of 2 feet at 24 inches, but hey you can still have a killer smoke session with it!

Are the Big Bongs cheap?

Yes, the big bongs are fairly cheap and costs less then $130 . If you would like to get one thats more affordable, you can get our slightly less expensive big bongs that are smaller.

Are the big bongs ever on sale?

Yes, we have big bong sales every single quarter. So check back for a cheaper price. Be carefully, we might be out next time. You have been warned.

Handling Massive Bongs / Giant BOngs

Be carefull, and always move a massive bong with two hands. We seen plenty of big bongs shatter when moved by only 1 hand. Lucklily, giant bongs are more sturdy but one still has to be carefull

Do You Sell Tall Bongs Under 50?

Our cheapest tall bong cost $62 which is only slightly more expensive then $50.

Do you have cheap tall bongs?

Yes, we sell relatively cheap affordable tall bongs that fall in the 60 to 70 dollar range.

Why are tall bongs better?

Tall bongs are better because you can get bigger hits, a smoother smoking experience, and are often impressive pieces. Small bongs are better for traveling, but you can not make as big clouds as you can with tall bongs.

Are tall bongs Beautiful?

Yes, most would consider our tall bongs to be aesthetically pleasing.