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Rocky Green King

18 Inch Beaker Bong

18 Inch Beaker Bong

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This is an 18-inch Beaker Bong. This bong is slightly more expensive, as extra glass is used to make this very tall bong that measures a staggering 18 inches in height. This beaker is meant to be used as a water pipe for smoking.

18-inch Beaker Bong Features

  • You can add ice to the neckline if your smoke gets too harsh, and the ice guard will help support the ice for cooler hits. 

  • The downstem functions as a diffuser to help break your smoke into bubbles for more filtered, better hits.

  • As an added benefit, the beaker bong can hold large volumes of smoke and hits big!

  • The beaker design makes it harder to knock over.

    Bong Specifics

    - Glass Thickness: 9mm thick glass adds a nice weight to the bong and makes it feel more sturdy

    - Weight: 1410g

    - Height: 18 Inches

    - Splash Guard:  Add Ice for cooler hits and it also keeps dirty bong water down

    - Bong Shape: Beaker

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