Ice Catcher Bongs

This collection showcases our Ice Catcher Bongs available for sale. Ice Catcher Bongs are Unique because notches in the top of the bong let you hold ice so that you can fill your water-pipe to the neck with ice - then get smoother cooler rips.

Is This The Same thing as a Splash Guard

To some extent the three notches, a typical setup, prevents less splashback - so we say yes!

What to Look for In an Ice Bong

Think about how much money you want to spend and exactly what type of features you want in your Ice bong. We sell smaller and larger sized bongs that both include it as a feature. Thicker bongs will stand the test of time, in terms of breaking, and larger sized bongs will do best for entertaining guests. 

Cool Ice Bongs

Some of the ice bongs sold have detachable coils that can be frozen for even more cooling action. Look for a big thick coil. You can't miss it :)


Can I return My Ice Bong?

Yes, We offer free returns for new and unused Ice Bongs.

How Long Does my Ice Bong Take to Ship?

-For Icebongs that we carry in stock 1 week by USPS ground

-For Back Ordered items you are looking at 4-11 weeks

Does My Ice Bong Ship Discretely

Yes, we ship all items in brown boxes. The only Identifier is our business name and your shipping address information


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