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This collection showcases our Ice Bongs that come with an Ice Catcher available for sale. Ice Catcher Bongs are Unique because notches in the top of the bong let you hold ice so that you can fill your water-pipe to the neck with ice - then get smoother cooler rips.

What is an ice Catcher on a Bong?

The Ice Catcher is the part of the bong that holds all the ice. If your bong was designed for it it will have notches on top of the bong. 

Is an Ice Catcher The Same thing as a Splash Guard?

To some extent yes, the three notches of an ice catcher, a typical setup, prevents less splashback - so we say yes!

Why Put Ice In a Bong?

You want to put ice in a bong to cool it down. Burning your smoke or concentrate can take it to very high temperatures. Those high temperatures will make your lungs uncomfortable so the ice removes the heat from the smoke. Try not to over due it though because you don't want the smoke to freeze in the lungs.

There is the added benefit that the ice cubes will help prevent splash back. The ice cubes will help block the water so that it is not back flowing into your mouth when you take a puff. 

How to Use an Ice Catcher Bong?

To use an Ice Catcher Bong you will want to add 3-4 ice cubes through the neck of the bong. If you have a bong with a longer neck you might be able to add more. Just try not to overdo it because the ice cubes will tend to restrict the airflow. Its ok to have a little bit of drag, but don't make it where it is impossible to inhale. Also try not to put so much that you end up freezing your lungs.

What to Look for In an Ice Bong?

Think about how much money you want to spend and exactly what type of features you want in your Ice bong. We sell smaller and larger sized ice bongs that both include it as a feature. Thicker ice bongs will stand the test of time, in terms of breaking, and larger sized ice bongs will do best for entertaining guests. 

Cool Ice Bongs

Some of the ice bongs sold have detachable coils that can be frozen for even more cooling action. Look for a big thick coil. You can't miss it :)


Can I return My Ice Bong?

Yes, We offer free returns for new and unused Ice Bongs.

How Long Does my Ice Bong Take to Ship?

-For Icebongs that we carry in stock 1 week by USPS ground

-For Back Ordered items you are looking at 4-11 weeks

Does My Ice Bong Ship Discretely

Yes, we ship all items in brown boxes. The only Identifier is our business name and your shipping address information

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Ice Bong FAQ

Do all of our bongs have ice chambers?

While most of our bongs do have ice chambers, not all of them do. You can see non ice chambered bongs in our home page.