Ice Catcher Bongs for Sale

If you are trying to find deals on ice catcher bongs you came to the right place! at RockyGreenKing We have a wide selection of ice catcher bongs that come in at mid to high range prices. You'll be loving your ice catcher bongs on a hot summer day if you want to get that smoke nice and cool.

Don't overdo it though... we don't want you to freeze your lungs ;). Here are some of our favorite ice catcher bongs:

The Rainbow Bong

The Rainbow bong is a terrific ice catcher bong that is colorful, functional, and good looking. The bong cost $89.00 and is worth every penny. Three percolators help get that smoke smooth, and then you can add ice to the neck to finish off the job. 

Bong With a Percolator & Ice Catcher

The next bong on our list is super chill and comes in a nice cool forest green.  The Ice catcher on top lets you pack this puppy with ice so you can let it rip with cool hits. Its $84.00 but also well worth it. Comes with an ash catcher, helps on cleaning day ;)


Now we talking baby! You can detach the top half of this bong and put the sucka in the freezer to let it cool down. Not quite the same as an ice catcher bong... but hey it gets the job done! Buy it for $80.00

Now its Your Turn to Chill

Many Ice Catcher bongs are available for sale on the website. Most of the examples we covered have pretty decent price points. We recommend that you check them out while the deal is good!

Happy Smokin!

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