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Rocky Green King

14 in inch Tall Matrix Perc | Dang!

14 in inch Tall Matrix Perc | Dang!

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Length: Very Tall, this Matrix banging tall bong measures a Pimpin 14 in tall. 

Use: Bangers (for concentrates) or Bowls - Pick when you check out

Color: Clear as can be. You can watch your smoke gurgle and burgle as it comes out smooth to the perfection

Matrix Perc: A fine specimen of a percolator, these two double-headed matrix percs breaks and churns your smoke into a tiny million bubbles so that the smoke can come out smoother

Ice Guard: Present! Fill your bong up to the neck in Ice to cool, smooth, and groove your smoke into a smoking bliss

Specs in Detail

Height: 36cm = 14"

Joint size: 18.8mm

Base: 11cm = 4.3:

Net Weight: 740g

Package Weight: 1.2KG

Arrival In 1-4 weeks

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