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Rocky Green King

The Honey Tree Bong

The Honey Tree Bong

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This is the Honey Tree Bong! It features a honeycomb percolator as well as a tree percolator with a birdcage (matrix) percolator at the base.  

The bong is of a straight tube design, which allows the smoke to flow more easily from the base to bong to the top.

The Honey Tree Bong Description

The tree percolator has 8 arms, for maximum water diffusion, and the honeycomb comes in a single disc, which gets the name because... well it resembles the honeycomb of a bee!

The percolation is combined with a birdcage at the bottom to give you maximum smoke smoothness, as the smoke makes it way through the height of the bong.

The bong tall, at a whopping 19 inches, gives plenty of time for the smoke to travel through all 3 percolators so that your hit is filtered. If that was not enough a ice catcher/splash guard lets you fill the neck with ice for even cooler smoking. We like our smoke to be ice cold. 

How to Smoke The Honey Tree Bong

The bong has multiple chambers (also known as a multi chamber bong). Simply fill the bong with water, and maneuver the water so that each compartment is filled with water. Make sure that the percolator is covered with water, load your goods, and rip away!

Height: 19 inches

Weight: 900g

Joint: 18mm

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