Collection: Tree Percolator Bongs

Tree Percolator Bongs are most easily recognized by their tree like percolators, which are made up of tiny arms (or branches). Tree percolators can also be stacked on top of each other for a combined effect, and we have different tree percolator bong shapes to accommodate the specific needs of every smoker. 


Tree Percolator Bongs Have Many Branches

Tree Percolator bongs can have 4 or more arms, also called branches. It is not uncommon to see 6, 8 or more arms. Just remember,  larger tree percolators might be built a bit thinner, to accommodate the extra glass. It's important to buy from a quality glass maker, because uneven arms will not hit the water the same way. Some arms might be essentially “cut off” from the water. So it's definitely good to go with a good glass maker for sure. 

Tree Percolator Bongs - The Shapes

The majority of our tree percolator bongs come in two distinctive shapes: the beaker version of tree percolator bong, and the straight tube version tree percolator bong. The straight tube tree percolator bongs are easier to chug, while the beaker version can hold more smoke. Both work great and it comes down to personal preference. 

Tree Percolator Bongs - Multi Chambered

As stated before, tree percs can have 1, 2, 3 or as many tree percolators that can fit into the glass. More tree percolators provide more filtration, but the extra filtration can oftentimes increase the drag, so that it takes more effort to pull the smoke. Some pull is desirable, but the super tall multi chambers might be harder to hit for sure. 

What Will Be Your Next Tree Bong?

Tree percolator bongs can come in many styles and shapes. Whether your tree bong is a beaker, a straight tube, multi chamber or not - you can mix and match features until you find your perfect tree bong, with the right number of arms. So what are you waiting for? :) all our tree bongs are waiting for you right below!

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