Tree Bongs For Sale

Tree bongs have tree percolators and are a unique design to getting your smoke filtered. We go into some of the most popular tree bongs for sale on site.

Double Tree Bong On Sale

This Double Tree Bong is probably one of our most expensive pieces. This bong is great though because it has two double tree percolators stacked back to back. This bong can be bought for $100. (Trust us, this will be the most expensive bong on this lists.)

Honey Tree Bong For Sale

This honey tree percolator is on sale for $100 and its multichambered. It has a tree percolator, a matrix perc, and honeycomb percolator to provide that extra smoking filtration. This bong is also super tall at 19 inches, so we think this is a great piece for its price

Diffuser Tree Bong For Sale

This Diffuser tree bong is multichambered and has a large tree percolator at the top to help further filter the smoke. At a price tag of $86 this tree bong is a good deal

8 Arm Tree Bong For Sale

This 8 Arm Tree percolator bong is great for those that want a compact bong that can filter smoke at an affordable price. Be sure to check out this puppy today!

If you enjoy tree bongs and want to buy an affordable tree bong. Check out our collection today!


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