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Rocky Green King

Double Tree Bong

Double Tree Bong

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This is the double tree bong. As you can clearly see, through the clear glass, there are two double tree percolators stacked in line (also known as a multi chamber bong).

This bong is of the straight tube design, which means that a single straight tube is the bong shape used to house all your percolators. 

The glass rod is super tall measuring in at 15in, which would also classify this as one of our tall bongs. The structure of this bong is aided by a 18.8mm joint which allows smoke to flow in smoothly.

How to Smoke the Double Tree Bong

Simply fill the base with water and maneuver the water around, untill both chambers have the water covering the tips of the tree percolator, then smoke away!

As an added benefit there is a ice catcher/ splash guard, so that you can fill the neck with ice cubes, for very cool, smooth smoke.

Height: 15in

Joint: 18.8mm Female

Thickness: 5mm

Base Diameter: 10.5cm

Weight: 820g

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