How to Clean a 4 Arm Tree Bong

After a few weeks of daily use, you may notice that your tree percolator starts to look… well dirty! So we are here to give you some pointers, show you how to clean it, and hopefully your tree percolator arms won’t be as dirty next time around! ;D

Tree Percs Always Getting Dirty

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The tiny openings of the tree percolator can clog easily over time. The tiny openings of the arms do not provide much room for grime to escape easily, and overtime the smoke and water flow will get restricted. Cleaning not only improves the functioning of your percolator, but also removes the grime and makes your bong looking great again!

What you will need

  • A specialized bong cleaning solution, or isopropyl alcohol and salt if no cleaning solution is available ( higher alcohol percentage is better).
  • Tape and plastic to secure the openings of your bong or a cork
  • Water

How to Clean the Tree Bong

One thing you’ll want to keep mindful of - is the sheer breakability of the percolator.

Manufacturers can be quick to skimp on the amount of glass used to reinforce the percolators arm connections. The arms connectors are typically no thicker then 2-3mm at the max so we wouldn't recommend “going to town” shaking your bong - unless you want to break it. Granted some tree percolators come stronger, but this is not always the case. 

Best Method would be to add your cleaning solution to the bong, and then let your bong soak in the solution for 1 to a few hours, so that all the gunk can dissolve. 

If need be, add a cork or seal off a plastic bag to the opening and give your bong a light shake to loosen the grime. Rinse out water and repeat if necessary.

 It is a slow process, but this is also why tree percolators are one of the hardest percolator types to clean. 

Tree Percolator Cleaning Prevention

The best way to keep your bong operating at peak proficiency is prevention. Rince out your bong after every bowl, and consider adding an ash catcher to prevent contaminants from entering your bong. It might be some work to water down your bong after each use, but prevention goes a long way! :)

Is your percolator beyond cleaning, or do you need a new bong? If you would like to see some great tree percolators, go ahead and click on! :)

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