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Rocky Green King

Colorful Tree Bong

Colorful Tree Bong

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The wonderful colors of Autumn to Bring you joy!

Our 4 arm tree bongs comes in black, white, blue, green and white!

Unlike conventional bubbler bongs... Tree bongs will allow smoke through a tree percolator to make that hit... smoother - more rewarding and just dope!

Material: Glass
Joint Size: 18.8mm female
Base Diameter: 7.2cm
Height: 25cm = 9.8"
Thickness: 4mm
Net Weight: .38kg

Includes an ice catcher (ice can be added to add a cooling effect to the rip)

The Tree Perc is a solid design when it comes to percolators

Includes Free Glass Bowl

Includes Downstem with a diffuser ( for an even smoother drag)

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Arrives in 1-4 weeks
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Smoke the tree and go green! Fueled by THC.


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