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Rocky Green King

Glow in the Dark Tree Bong

Glow in the Dark Tree Bong

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This gorgeous tree bong has a tree percolator on the inside and also a tree graphic! Trees to go around for everyone!

The glow in the dark tree bong comes in 7 fantastic colors and the tree percolator is fed by an 18mm glass bowl, to maximize your smoke flow.

Aided by the simplicity of the straight-tube bong design, the smoke flows through one single large tube, which makes it easier to take deep chugs.

Simply fill with water untill the tips of the 6 arm tree percolator is covered with water - then smoke away! There is even an added splash guard / ice catcher so that you can fill your bong with ice for cooled smoke!

How does this bong glow in the dark?

Special phosphor dye absorbs light by day so that your bong can glow bright in the night!

Height: 9.4 in

Weight: 530g

Glass Thickness: 4mm

Joint Size: 18.8mm female

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