Glow in the Dark Pipes and Bongs

These are pipes and bongs that glow in the dark. Some of these bongs use UV reactive glass, where by the glass uses phosphor to gain energy from light and then glows in the dark. Other variations of our bongs uses LED lighting and batteries to light up.

The Science Behind UV Reactive glass

UV bongs would not be able to glow without Phosphor, the material that gives the bong its phosphorescence or its luminescence. 

The material gains energy from UV radiation and then releases photons as it goes down to a lower energy state. This chemical reaction is how we get our glowing bongs!

LED VS UV Reactive Glass

The only downside to glowing phosphor is that the bong must be charged in light in order for it to release its glow in the dark. An LED uses an onboard chemical battery to bypass this charging necessity and will light up in the dark on demand. The type of glow in the dark bong you buy comes down to personal preference.

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