Glow in the Dark Water Pipes

These glow in the dark water pipes can bubble your smoke and filter it for smoother hits, just fill the bottom with water and take a rip!

But you dont need to just have any ordinary water pipe, because these pipes glow in the dark with phosphors which captures light by day and then slowly releases it at night for an ultra cool glowing effect. Here are of few the water pipes that can be purchased.

The Glow in the Dark Tree Glass Bong

This glow in the dark tree water pipe. It glows green in the night and has a beaker bong design. This beaker style is highly popular amongst the water pipe shapes because it can hold a large volume of smoke and is quite stable. This tree bong might not be made out of wood but it does glow in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Pretty Jewel Beaker Bong

This is another popular glow in the dark water pipe with a beaker design. You get a quality piece with glow in the dark bubbles spread throughout out the whole bong. This water pipe is smaller measuring 8in, so if you like small water pipes, check them out, and bling out with this jewel bong.

Glow in the Dark Galaxy Water Pipe

This Water Pipe is ultra cool and measures 10in tall. This Galaxy Water pipe illuminates in the dark and is of the straight tube design, which means it is very easy to clear. It has a a beautiful galactic graphic, filled with stars and nebula which looks as good on your pipe as it does in space. If you want to look at more straight tube water pipes, check them out here.

The Graffiti Water Pipe

This glow in the dark water pipe is also of the straight tube design with a beautiful graffiti graphic. It is quite an interesting to design to see on a bong, rather then graffiti on a building, and it also glows in the dark as your smoking!

Glow in the Dark Spider Bong

Some spiders are nocturnal and this water pipe is no different. The cool looking spider web water pipe illuminates in the dark and this also of the beaker design. Be the spider man because this water Pipe is perfect for Halloween. 


If you like water pipes and glow in the dark things. We recommend you check out all are terrific water pipes available here on Rockygreenking.

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