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Rocky Green King

Tree Glass Bong - Glows In the Dark

Tree Glass Bong - Glows In the Dark

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This glow in the dark bong has a sweet tree graphic, and best yet - it glows in the dark! The bongs phosphor paint treatment absorbs light, so when the light turns off it glows.

Normally, your use to plants shining green during the day - but this one does it day or night!

Tree Glass Bong Specifics

  • The bong has a basic beaker design. This means you have a wide base and stright tube. A bowl and downstem feeds your smoke into the beaker, where it bubbles and then comes out. 
  • There is an added splash guard, which helps to keep the nasty water down. You can also add ice cubes to get cooler smoke.
  • It might be ironic to say, but with so many cool features one might be able to finally breath again! (Or in this case smoke!)


This Bong Measures 10in Tall.

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