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The classic Beaker Bong resembles a chemistry beaker and is probably one of the most recognizable of bongs shapes.

The Beaker Bong is effective in cooling down your smoke and can result in nicer hits. 

Beaker Bong Design Benefits

The Beaker Bong's scientific design results in these bongs having one of the most optimal shapes for maximizing your smoke filtering, as well as some perks.

  • Smother Rips: A wide base allows the water to cover a larger area, which in turn, interacts with more smoke to provide a cooler, smoother rip
  • Harder to Knock Over: Beaker bongs typically tend to have a wide flared base, giving the bongs a lower center of gravity, which in turn makes it harder to knock over the damn thing.
  • Less Splash back: The Long Slender neck and large base makes it harder for beaker bong water to splash into your mouth. 
  • Price - Luckily, the simplistic design of these bongs normally make them extremely affordable.

How Much Does a Beaker Bong Cost?

The price of a beaker bong can vary from $40.00 to $150.00 dollars. The beaker bong price will be influenced by its size, glass thickness, percolators, and the design of the glass.  An $80.00 dollar beaker bong will be ideal for most users but the larger ones will definitely have more bells and whistles.

How Full Should I Fill My Beaker Bong?

You will need enough water to cover the downstem or percolators openings of the beaker bong. If it is a multi-chamber beaker bong you will need to need to maneuver the water by tilting the bong untill each chamber has the percolator openings covered with water.

How do You clean a Beaker Bong?

If you want to clean a beaker bong the easy method would be to use isopropyl alcohol and salt. Pour in the Isopropyl alcohol into the bong and add the salt which functions as an abrasive. Shake the bong and then let it sit for a few hours so that the grime and work its self loose. Click here for more information.

How thick should a beaker bong be

A beaker bong glass thickness should be at least 3mm. 2mm beaker bongs are far too easy to break, and anything over 4mm or 5mm is on the thicker side.  The higher sized glass is more durable and heavier. 

The Limitations of a Beaker Bong

Smoke Volume - The Beaker Bong can only filter as much smoke as the water it can hold. A bigger beaker bong can be more expensive.

Water Filtration  - The beaker bong can only filter using its surface volume and many beaker bongs often employ water diffusers or percolators to help filter the smoke even more.

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