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Rocky Green King

Gold Bong

Gold Bong

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This is the Gold Bong. No, it's not made of real gold, but with all the luster it could have fooled us! The Bong looks best with light shined at it from an angle.

Gold is one of the most precious metals and we figure you might as well smoke in style with the closest look alike - that you will probably find that it is also practical to use.

The bong comes in a practical beaker bong design. The wide base stabilizes the bong so that its harder to tip over, and the beaker bong is also efficient. With the beaker bongs efficient design it can hold more smoke!

Want more? The bong comes with ice catchers/splash guards to help keep that water down. You can also add a few ice cubes through the bong neck to help cool down that smoke as you take your puffs!

Gold Bong Specifics

Height: 12 in

Base Width: 5 in

Thickness: 9mm

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