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Rocky Green King

16 Inch Beaker Bong

16 Inch Beaker Bong

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This is the 16 in Beaker Bong. The bong is rather tall measuring at almost 16 inches (15.7in to be exact), and has a long neck giving your smoke plenty of time to cool down.

You can further cool your smoke down with the built-in ice catcher. Simply fill the neckline with ice cubes - so that you can get even smoother bong hits.

Wait but there's more :)

This 16inch bong uses a beaker base, which lets your water-pipe hold large clouds of smoke. Being that this also multi-chamber beaker, there are two chambers present which can both be filled with water  - so that you can have killer hits when the the water diffuses through both chambers

We use a diffuser and UFO percolator in the top chamber to help diffuse the smoke by creating more bubbles.

16 Inch Beaker Bong Specifics

Beaker Height: 15.7inches

Beaker Thickness: 7mm (this glass is relatively thick)

Beaker Weight: 1.05kg

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