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Rocky Green King

Panda Beaker Bong | Bamboo Graphic Bong

Panda Beaker Bong | Bamboo Graphic Bong

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Description: This is a very gorgeous beaker bong with a panda and bamboo graphic. This Bong is also very tall and has the stability of beaker bong - You are sure to have a good time with this one.

The Percolators:  This Bong has a basic diffuser and functions as a bubbler. This gives you basic filtration to give you a cleaner smoking experience.

Splash Guards:  This bong has a splash guard which makes it harder for water to splash back at you. It is also functional as an Ice Catcher. Fill the neck up with Ice to better filter your smoke.

Thickness: This bong has an incredible 9mm thick glass wall. This makes the bong sturdy, harder to break, and more enjoyable.

Joint Size: The Joint size measures an incredible 18.8mm for maximum smoke flow

Height: This bong is incredibly tall measuring at 37cm = 14.5"  This long tube gives the smoke more time to cool. This bong is also large enough to handle more smoke. You can entertain bigger crowds with this piece.

Base Diameter: 13.3cm

Net Weight:  This bong is heavy and sturdy at 1.27kg

Package Weight: 2kg

Pros: Tall, heavy, lots of room for a smoke. The bong has a cool Panda Graphic and a great beaker bong design. The simplicity of the beaker bong made it possible to manufacture such a large bong.

Cons: The price might be a bit much for some. This bong does not have lots of percolation



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