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Rocky Green King

Beaker Bong With Perc

Beaker Bong With Perc

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This is a beaker bong with a perc. There is a central helix percolator with a dome percolator on top. 

  • The bong is relatively tall at 15 inches. The tall height gives plenty of time for smoke to cool down and get filtered by two bubbling percolators.
  • The beaker bong design allows this bong to hold lots of smoke volume.
  • An Ice catcher lets you add Ice cubes to cool down the smoke
If you want a nice hitting beaker bong with a perc then this bong is for you!

    Beaker Bong With Perc Specifics 

    Height: 15in

    Joint Size: 18.8mm

    Downstem: 14mm downstem

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