The Best Beaker Bongs

There are plenty of bong shapes that capture the market but we think that beaker bongs are one of the best. Here we picked out 4 of the best beaker bongs.

Best Beaker Bong by Size

The mega shower head percolator is so massive that we had to throw this beaker bong into its own category. The Bong is 17 inches tall, is heavy, and lets just say... you will need big lungs for this one!

Best Beaker Bong by Features

This 16 Inch Beaker Bong has so many features that we are not quite sure how to classify it. The bong has a splash guard, two percolators, an ice camber, dual chambers and the list goes on and on!

Best Beaker Bong by Price

This mini beaker bong is one of the cheapest on the list. At a cost of $22 USD the price does not get much lower then that! The silicone material helps to make this bong affordable

Best Beaker Bong for Dabs

If you want to dab you need a bong with a banger. This beaker dab rig may be small but it sure does pack a punch when it comes to smoking your concentrates.

So what is the best beaker bong?

One size does not fit all, you must consider the beaker bong's size, features, price, and uses. Its best to start looking at a catalog of beaker bongs and start looking up beakers that catch your eye.


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