Bong Shapes - The Different Types And Uses

Aside from just being able to smoke out if it, bongs have many different shapes to make them more customized for a specific look, and also offer functional pros and cons for each shape. These shapes come in three primary varieties which are the beaker bongs, Straight Tube bongs, and Recycler Bongs.

Beaker Bongs - Sturdy, Tough, Classic

Beaker bongs have a wide base and are in the shape of a beaker.

Beaker Bongs are a legacy design and offers the most stability out of all of them. These bongs also typically tend to be optimized for volume - you can get a lot of smoke in and out of it. 

Straight Tube Bongs - Tall, Straight, Simple

Straight tube bongs look like a straight tube and normally have a simple downstem or diffuser.

Straight Tube Bongs Can Typically be made very tall and thick due to their simple design.

Recycler Bongs

These are most easily Identified by the complicated tubing or piping which makes these bongs come to life. Recycler Bongs filter the same water and smoke through the chamber multiple times until its ready to be smoked. Because of the complex design, these are sometimes some of the most expensive bongs.

Unique Bong Shapes

Bongs can be molded into many different shapes include our unique mushroom and penis bongs. It takes a certain type of skill to make bongs that are not straight-tube or beaker, but rather taken on a unique design like our glass penis bong does!

Homemade Bong

Ever make a homemade bong anyone?

Materials Used For The Different Bong Shapes

These bong shapes are normally available in ceramic or glass, while acrylic, metal, or silicone, which may also come in their own unique designs ( although we must say that this is rarer. )

Scientific glass is another possible material used, which has more to do with the chemical makeup of the glass and is generally higher performance. Regardless these crazy bong shapes can be made out of any type of material.

What Can Be Added to All Bong Shapes

Percolators - Percolators are intricate glassworks that help break smoke down into tinier bubbles. These go by fancy names such as honeycomb, tree, or even UFO percolators.

Bubblers - Any bong without a Percolator can generally be referred to as a bubbler.

Ice Catchers - Ice Catchers are tiny notches on the top of the glass. With an Ice Catcher, you can fill your bong up with ice and get cooler smoke from it. 

Multi-Chambers - With multiple chambers you can add more layers of water filtration to your piece. The sky is the limit to how many chambers you can add and bigger bongs can go crazy as far as how complicated the set up goes. We consider the Inline bong to be a type of multi-chamber bong.

Bangers/Nails - If you want to use your rig for concentrates any bong can be converted as long as you buy a banger or nail to replace the bowl.

Final Words

Recycler Bongs, Beaker Bongs, and Straight Tubes are the main bong types but there are still many more.

Feel free to check out our Bongs to explore the many different shapes we have for sale!

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