Penis Bongs

Here you will find our selection of Penis Bongs and Penis Pipes. These bongs resemble a penis and can be used for smoking and some even use them as decoration. Check out our multiple dick bong options.

How Much Are Penis Bongs?

The price of a Penis Bong can range from $30 - $100 and depends largely on the size of the water pipe and the prestige of the manufacturer. 

The Penis Bubbler is perhaps the most popular penis bong we carry and is a bit more affordable than our larger Heady Cock Bong. The amount of glass used in the bong and the complexity of the design tends to determine the price. 

Where did the Penis Bong Come From?

The Penis Bong was first seen in the Hollywood movie Ted 2, a movie about a talking stuff bear and his thunder buddy John. Ted takes a hit from the penis bong while they are driving down a road. In another scene his John's wife takes a brief drag out of the bong. 

Where Can You Buy a Penis Shaped Bong?

If there is a very large headshop in your area, its possible that you would be able to able to find a Penis Bong in your local pipe shop or you can also buy them here or from However, their penis bong were a bit more pricy during the time of writing. 

Description Of The Penis Bong

In a good Penis bong, you'll typically see a very lifelike resemblance of a penis with wrinkled skin and veiny like structures. Penis Bongs can be made out of silicone, glass, or wood. Glass bongs tend to come with removable downstems but have a pretty solid seal to prevent it from spilling. 

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