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These Penis bongs can be purchased in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes with either silicone or glass material. We offer International shipping and quick 1-week shipping (for the USA). Check our Penis Bongs bongs below or continue reading to Learn more

Collection: Penis Bongs - Buy Dick Shaped Bongs

Here you will find our selection of penis bongs and penis pipes. These bongs resemble a penis and can be used for smoking.

Some smokers even purchase them as a gift, or for decoration. 

Details about the penis bong

How Much Are Penis Bongs?

The price of a penis bong can range from $30 - $100 and depends largely on the size of the water pipe, the cost of glass, the complexity of the design, and the efficiency of the manufacturer.  The larger penis-shaped bongs will naturally cost more.

Where did the Penis Bong Come From?

The Penis Bong was first seen in the Hollywood movie Ted 2, a movie about a talking stuffed bear and his thunder buddy John. In the movie, Ted takes a hit from the penis bong while they are driving down a road. In another scene, John's wife takes a brief drag out of the bong. Before you knew it, the penis bong shape took off!

Where Can You Buy a Penis-Shaped Bong?

If there is a very large headshop in your area, it's possible that you would be able to able to find a penis bong in your local smoke shop. Penis bongs can also be purchased online. If you decide to purchase with us we offer quick 1-week shipping to the continental united states. International shipping will take longer. 

How to Select a Penis Bong?

In a good penis bong, you'll typically see a very like resemblance of male genitalia with faux wrinkled glass skin that have hard veiny-like structures. Penis Bongs can be made out of silicone, glass, or wood. The glass penis bong variety tends to come with a removable down stem and has a pretty solid seal to prevent them from splashing water.