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Rocky Green King

Glass Penis Bong (Censored)

Glass Penis Bong (Censored)

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**Warning Graphic** Click this Link to see uncensored photos of the penis bong **Contains Nudity**

This is a 7" penis bong, made from glass, and is super affordable.

The bong has bumpy ridges on the glass to mimic the veiny texture of a real penis. To use, simply light up the penis bowl, grab the shaft, and smoke out through the tip! 

Why Would Someone Buy A Glass Penis Bong?

People would prefer a glass penis bong because it is superior to silicone dick bongs and you can more easily check your bong's water level, unlike silicone which is harder to see. It is simply a great purchase for anyone with a love for water pipes and cocks and is the perfect gift. 

The best part is that this dick bong is fully functional as a water pipe that can help filter out that smoke!

Penis Bong Specifics

Height: 17.8cm (7in approx)

Material: Glass 

Shipping: Worldwide Shipping!

1-week delivery (For the USA Only)


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