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Rocky Green King

Mermaid Bong

Mermaid Bong

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This is the mermaid bong. The bong has a unique graphic of the mythical sea dwelling creature featuring a woman with a blue tail. The bong fills with water and can be used for smoking.

Mermaid Bong Specifics

 Material: The bong is made of Borosilicate glass which is somewhat stronger then soda lime glass. We know that you will be smoking this bong on dry land, outside of the mermaids natural habitat,  so you need a bong that can resist breaking better. 

Shape: This mermaid bong is of the Beaker Bong design. The bong resembles an Erlenmeyer flask and gives the glass enhanced characteristics for your smoke.

Bottom Diameter: The bottom is 5.3 inches. A wider base makes it harder to knock over this bong. You wouldn't want this graphic of a half woman shattering into two pieces of broken glass.

Joint: 18 mm female. An 18 mm joint lets more smoke flow into the bong, perfect for season merman or mermaid lungs. 

Downstem: The downstem is sized 14-19 mm. The Downstem delivers the smoke into the water so that it can be bubbled and filtered for smooth hits.

Height: 12.5 inches

Thickness: 7 mm

Weight: 1020g 

Tube Diameter: 50 mm 

Bowl Size: 14.4 mm male

 Downstem Length: 5in

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