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Rocky Green King

Graffiti Bong

Graffiti Bong

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We were going to tag this bong as being a graffiti bong, but we could not because this bong was already tagged (I know bad joke.)

This is the graffiti bong! It glows in the dark and is covered by beautiful artwork, that is unlike that which you would find on the side of any building, because this is on a bong!

This graffiti bong is a popular straight tube design, which means that you have a cylinder and a downstream that you can fill with water to bubble and filter your smoke.

Phosphors present in the silicone help this bong absorb light by day and then it gets released at night as a green glow. We also mentioned that this bong is made of silicone, a highly durable and flexible material that will not break easily.

If you want a nice unique piece, that is unlike anything you seen before, which also glows, you have come to the right place!

Graffiti Bong Specifics

Height: 10 in

Material: silicone

Weight: 367g

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