Collection: Silicone and Unbreakable Bongs

These bongs are made out of silicone which is far superior (in durability) when compared to glass bongs. These inexpensive bongs can bend twist and do not break easily. If you don't want to worry about your glass piece breaking, this is the bong for you and they are on sale!

You might have heard of the unbreakable silicone bong, but is it really worth getting one? Aside from traditional glass bongs being easier to break, glass bongs might be harder to transport and also harder to clean. Silicone bongs have been able to solve some of the problems present in traditional bongs.

Silicone Bongs are nearly Unbreakable

Unlike traditional bongs, silicone bongs do not break easily. Glass bongs shatter easily when dropped or miss handled but silicone is not fragile like glass. Silicone can withstand high amounts of heat and are not subject to the same cracking issues that glass bongs may have.

Silicone Bongs are Portable. 

Silicone bongs are much more portable than their glass counter parts. Glass bongs can break when traveling and might even need a special case. Silicone Bongs on the other hand are are always ready to go. Some silicone bongs can even be compressed down to save traveling space. 

Silicone Bongs Can Be Taken Apart

Probably one of the best features is the silicone bong’s ability to be disassembled. Not all silicone bongs have that ability but most of them do. Glass bongs will normally just have a removable bowl or downstem which makes it super hard to clean. The nature of the glass blowing assembly normally makes it easier to blow the bong as one single piece, with few of them being able to detach. Silicone bongs, on the other hand, might have a bowl, and a base that can be disassembled. This makes it much more convenient for cleaning, or to take apart for storage or travel.

How Much Are Unbreakable Bongs?

Silicone and Unbreakable Bongs come at different price points ranging from $15 USD to $68 USD. Its amazing how affordable these bongs are considering how resistant these pieces are to impact and drops. Cheaper unbreakable bongs will be a bit smaller with the more expensive pipes having more options.

What Type of Bong Will You Choose?

Now that you see the benefits that silicone bongs bring to the table you can decide if an unbreakable, portable, disassemble bong is worth it - or if you still prefer the glass bong. You can read more about silicone vs glass bongs here, or simply scroll below to check out some of the silicone bongs we have for sale ;) 

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