Silicone vs glass bongs

As we learned from the main page silicone bongs are quite formidable and offer a great many benefits to the common glass smoker. This is not without saying that glass bongs still have their benefits. Here we explore some of the benefits that glass bongs have over their rival silicone bong partners.

Glass Bongs are Works of Art

The ease of accessibility to glass, and the ability to mold glass into any shape have produced some of the most elegant pieces of glass talent can buy when compared to that of the silicone bong. 

Silicone bongs need to be made from molds which might restrict the development of better quality pieces and also limit the ability for an artist to freestyle and make great pieces. It's true that silicone can take on many shapes as well, but the barrier to entry, and the equipment required to make silicone allows glass to take point when it comes to more shapes and sizes, at least for now.

Glass is easier to Break but We Still Have Borosilicate

Silicone has the obvious benefit of being hard to break by nature, but where glass has a weakness, we still have borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass includes the elemental boron to make the glass more durable and shatter resistant. Certain mixtures of the glass are branded as Pyrex which are sturdier than typical glass.  Its true that silicone is strong by nature and some may prefer silicone instead, especially if you or your guests tend to bump or drop bongs often. 

Glass Bongs Have more accessories

Glass bongs have been in development for a longer period of time and have more available accessories when compared to the silicone market. In fact, some silicone bongs, even use a hybrid of glass and silicone to take advantage of the glass market.

There is simply just a wider variety of ash catchers, nails, and bangers that are made in glass, with only basic configurations available to the silicone market. This may change in the future, but so far glass dominates the accessory market. 

Silicone bongs are more portable. Silicone bongs are normally detachable as a unit which makes them easier to clean and also more portable. Silicone bongs can normally be squished, and will prop right back up

So what is better silicone or glass bongs? 

Glass has an overwhelming benefit when it comes to design and accessories. Unfortunately, glass is a little less portable and also easier to break.By nature, silicone is strong right from the get go. Silicone is flexible, bendable, and has a high heat tolerance.

Glass tends to come in more artistic styles so if you are someone that prefers utility over looks, it's probably better to go with silicone. If you want a greater selection of features you might find more glass bongs that fit your bill.

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