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Rocky Green King

Silicone Hybrid Bong

Silicone Hybrid Bong

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This is the silicone hybrid bong. The bong uses silicone and a glass composite to give you a bong that can take on 3 different forms. It can be used as a nectar collector, a water pipe, or a bong with a percolator.

Silicone Hybrid Bong Specifics

  • As a nectar collector heat the tip of the metal and dip it into your favorite concentrate to get 100% use of your nectar without any waste
  • The piece can transform into water pipe to add basic filtration to any smoke for better hits.
  • Attach all pieces to get a bong with a percolator which can further filter your smoke.
  • Silicone is super durable and it will be hard to break your bong

Height: 9.3 in

Width: 3.4 in

Weight: 300g

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