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These are Nectar Collectors which is one of the most coolest ways to dab! Simply heat the tip and dip it into your favorite concentrate for quick, easy, direct smoking.  

What is a Nectar Collectors?

A nectar collector is not a bong, it is not a vape or pipe - but rather completely different. Instead of loading material to smoke into a bowl, nail or banger - concentrates can be smoked directly by loading the tip of your nectar collector into your favorite concentrate.

The Nectar Collector is designed to vaporize concentrates on contact and helps avoid the mess of tooling by letting you smoke from your concentrate directly. Some Nectar collectors can even be filled with water and acts like a bong!

Nectar collectors can range in size from medium/large and easy to hold to the small side - portable yet very easy to use.

Similarities between nectar collector and bongs

Nectar collectors can be sold in the dry variety or in the water variety that fills up halfway similar to a bong. Some even contain diffusers just like percolators!

The segments of the nectar collector are normally detachable with a keck clip or joint holding the body neck and tip together.

Nectar collectors work by heating the tip so one can inhale the concentrates directly from the container. Just like dab nails - the tip of the nectar collector can be of glass, quartz or even titanium. Glass tips are the weakest and more likely to break from heat stress with titanium at the strongest.

The ability to smoke directly from the concentrate container makes it easier to gauge how much your smoking. Nectar Collectors are typically operated by one hand and adds a unique twist to the smoking experience! Nectar collectors tend to be more affordable then dab rigs.

How to use a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors can be unintuitive to use for the new smoker but we can help:

1) Depending on the material - use a butane to torch the tip until red hot and wait for 7 to 10 seconds for the tip to cool down but can vary.

2) Use a heat resistant surface(such as glass) to load your concentrate and dip your nectar collector tip into the concentrate.  Heat resistant surface is important you dont want your tip melting plastic containers or surfaces. 

3) Inhale your concentrate directly from the glass and enjoy.

How to Clean a Nectar Collector?

The easiest way to clean a nectar collector would be to use isopropyl alcohol, zip block bag, hot water, and salt. Here is how:

1) Remove the tip and blow through the mouth piece to push any contaminants out.

2) Fill the glass chamber with isopropyl alcohol (or bong cleaning solution) and let the glass soak in a bag for an hour.  Add some salt to the mix to help get rid of the resin. The nectar collector may need to sit overnight if it is excessively dirty.

3) Put all the other pieces of the nectar collector into another bag and also fill with hot water and salt.

4) Rinse the collector with hot water and try to get all the alcohol out.

Try to clean your Nectar Collector every 3-6 months to keep it clean and bacteria free. You might need to clean more often if you are a heavy smoker.

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