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Rocky Green King

Glass Nectar Collector

Glass Nectar Collector

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This is the glass Nectar Collector. A removable quartz tip securely fastens to the nectar collector and allows you to easily smoke wax concentrates. The glass nectar collector comes in many different colors and in two varieties - with a hole in the glass and without the hole. 

How to Hit a Glass Nectar Collector?

To smoke from a glass nectar collector you'll want to make sure that you do the following steps:

1) Put your wax/concentrate into a heat resistance quartz or silicone container

2) Heat the quartz tip with a torch untill its hot. Try not to make it too hot or you will just ruin the quality of your concentrate!

3) Let the quartz tip cool down slightly

4) Dip the quartz tip into the concentrate and enjoy through the mouthpiece

Glass Nectar Collector Specifics

Joint: 10mm

Length: 4.5 inches

Arrival in 1-4 Weeks
Worldwide Shipping
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