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Rocky Green King

Nectar Collector Kit

Nectar Collector Kit

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This is the nectar Collector Kit. In the Kit you will find a mouthpiece, stainless steel tip, a glass tip, a small clear glass bowl, a small clear glass container,  and a box (box color subject to change).

In a nutshell, this kit contains everything you need to get a nectar collector session on. 

How To Use Your Nectar Collector Kit

You will want to put your concentrate into bowl, and connect the nectar collector  mouthpiece, bowl, and tip together. Either the metal or quartz tip can be used (some prefer how the other one heats).

1) Heat your tip for a about 5-8 seconds (depending on the heat level). Do not make the tip too hot or else you will just fry your concentrate!

2) Dip your nectar collector into the concentrate and inhale

3) Enjoy

Is a Nectar Collector Kit Worth it?

Yes, the nectar collector kit is an inexpensive way to get familiarized with the world of concentrates without buying an expensive "dab rig".

Nectar collectors are portable and easy to operate (although, some newer users may find the smoke to be a a bit harsh! They don't call it a concentrate for nothing!)

Nectar Collector Kit Specifications

Joint size: 10 or 14mm

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