Honey Straws


A nectar collector also called a honey straw is a creative way to dab your concentrates. These honey straws are vertical type dabbers that simply need to be heat up and put into your wax.

What is a Honey Straw?

First we must understand that a honey straw can be called a nectar collector or a Dab Straw.

The honey straw can be used to dab concentrates and is super portable. Unlike full-featured bongs, honey straws look more like oversized pens. Honey straws are simplistic in design and can be used to dab directly from the concentrate.

Honey straws, for the most part, have a neck, body and tip. Most every part of the honey straw is normally detachable. You can add water to the body, but keep in mind that not all honey straws can hold water. The dry variety are called wands.

There are a variety of honey straw shapes, sizes, and materials which all have their benefits and draw backs. Let's take a look of the various honey straws available.

The Silicone Honey Straw

The Silicone honey straw is one of the most durable nectar collectors on the market.

If you're constantly on the move, a silicone honey straw is the ideal choice. When your smoking session is over, you can toss your silicone straw into your bag without having the risk of it breaking. Unlike glass straws, silicone can endure significant abuse.

Silicone straws are incredibly affordable and are also:

  • BPA-free
  • Non-stick
  • FDA Approved
  • Easy to Clean

The Glass Honey Straw

Glass honey straws are great to dab with. 

With glass honey straws, the flavor is not affected. Glass does not leak unwanted flavors and aromas into the smoke as it moves through the glass.

However, it's important to be cautioned that glass is fragile. Its best to leave your delicate glass straw in a safe place.

Although, its harder to move your glass straw around without worrying about it breaking, it can't be denied that its great taste is an incredible plus factor.

Glass honeystraws are normally made from the durable borosilicate glass which is a bit stronger then soda lime glass.

Electric Honey Straw

The electric nectar collector is a significant step up from non-electric collectors.

The electric honey straw does not need a torch to heat the tip, rather they use batteries and a heating element to heat the tip and get that perfect dabbing temperature quickly.

Electric honey straws are safe to use and the heating element wont take long to cool down.

The electric honey straw is at the epitome of ease of use and can be bought at an affordable price.

Glass Electric Honey Straw

The glass electric honey straw is all that the electric nectar collector is - with the additional benefit of glass.

By adding glass into the design of an electric honey straw, glass electric honey straws offer a combination of impeccable flavors and a convenience. 

The glass bulb electric collector is a must have if you want to experience the best of both glass and electric

Honey Straw with a Water Filter

Its not much of a honey straw collection without a water filter.

A water filter improves the overall experience by giving you smoother, vapor-like smoke. If your honey straw is super classy you might even find a diffused downstem which adds percolation and diffusion to the smoke.

When you dab the water filters the smoke and ensures that each hit is easy on the longs. Also watching the bubbles swirl and bubble adds an extra dimension of fun.

How To Use A Honey Straw

Honey straws are very easy to use.

If your honey straw is not electric you will need a torch. Heat the tip of your straw to your desired temperature and once its heated, place the tip directly on to your concentrate.

With the tip in contact with the concentrate, begin inhaling through the mouthpiece. When you are satisfied, pull the tip away from the concentrate - its that easy!

Electric collectors are even easier to use. All you need to do with electric straws is power it on and then begin puffing away.

How to Clean a Honey Straw

Cleaning a Honey Straw is simple.

Take your honey straw apart. Remove the tip and see how dirty your device is. Rinse the entire straw with isopropyl alcohol which will break down the majority of the grime that has built up over time.

Honey Straws have different Tips

Honey Straws can come with different tips which all have their pros and cons

Quartz tips: quartz is one of the best there is for honey straws. Quartz tips heat quickly, are durable, and are tasteless. Most enthusiast prefer quartz.

Titanium Tips: Titanium tips are some of the most rugged and heat very quickly.

Ceramic tips: Ceramic heats up slow but retains heat for some of the longest times. Ceramic is also the most fragile tip type.

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