Glow in the Dark Pipes and Bongs

These pipes and bongs are coated with UV-reactive paint and glow in the dark. They can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, so feel free to take a look at our glowing varaiety or click to learn more.

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How Do Glow in the Dark Bongs Glow? - The Science Behind UV Reactive Paint

Bongs glow in the dark by using UV (Ultra-Violet) reactive paint or glass, a material that contains phosphors.  The Phosphor will gain energy from UV radiation (light) and when pulled from the light source,  the material will return to its original lower energy state, by releasing stored energy as photons. The chemical reaction is known as phosphorescence, a type of luminescence, and this is how we get our glowing bongs!

Be aware that there are other pigments that can also be used to make things glow. Most of our bongs use phosphors zinc sulfide, but some newer bongs use strontium aluminate - which can produce a brighter, longer-lasting glow. In fact, it's the difference between glowing from 2 hours all the way to 12 hours! Other bongs use LEDs  (light-emitting diodes) which is a way for bongs to glow electronically, instead of using a chemical reaction.

LED VS UV Reactive Glass

The only downside to glowing phosphor is that the bong must be charged in light in order for it to glow. The glow will fade over time until you expose it to light. On the other hand, an LED bong uses an onboard chemical battery to power a light source that bypasses the need to charge and will light up on demand. The type of method you choose to light up will come down to personal preference.

Are Glow in the dark bongs safe?

Yes, phosphor is considered non-toxic and safe to use. Don’t get this confused with radium paints which are radioactive and can glow on their own. Our paints use light from the UV light spectrum, which is a subset of the electromagnetic spectrum and is not radioactive. 

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Glow In the Dark Bong?

The length of time you need to charge your bong will depend on the quality of your UV light source. But here are some guidelines:

Ultra Violet (Black Light) Source - Leave your Bong underneath for 3-4 minutes

Direct Sunlight: 7-8 minutes

Fluorescent light:  21-23 minutes

Incandescent light: 24/26 minutes

Keep in mind, that the distance from the light source will also determine how quickly your bong charges. Your bong will be able to charge much quicker the closer it is to the light source because it will give the reactive paint more energy. Your eyes will also affect your perception. Glow in the dark bongs are best viewed in total darkness. 

Types of Glow in the Bong

Our glow-in-the-dark bongs come in different shapes including our beaker bong and straight-tube styles. They range in size from our smaller, cuter 9-inch beakers to our taller 12-inch beakers that are great at holding larger volumes of smoke. They can be bought in  silicone which is affordable and super strong, but we also have glass bongs available to buy for those that prefer a more traditional bong.

Glow In The Dark Bongs Are Trippy! - Which Will You Buy?

Glow-in-the-dark bongs are crazy to look at it whether you want to experience and enjoy a galaxy bong that glows, or a freaky jellyfish bong that glows, there are many freaky glowing patterns and glowing green colors that are sure to keep you smoking for days! :)

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Glow In the Dark FAQ

Are there cheap glow in the dark bongs?

Yes, thanks to the silicone material these bongs are made from, most of our glow in the dark bongs are low priced and easily affordable. In fact, it is even possible to find glow in the dark bongs under 50.

Are glow in the dark bongs unbreakable?

Yes, most of our glow in the dark bongs are "unbreakable" in terms of being able to survive the average drop. However, the glass glow in the dark bongs are easier to break.